Mini Earthmoving Digger suppliers

Description: Our History Shandong Yifa Trading Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2020 with a registered capital of 6.6 million yuan. It belongs to Dezhou Zhongya Group. The company specializes in the production and sales of excavators, loaders, sliding loaders, forklifts and other construction machinery products and accessories. In 2020, company obtained ISO14001 and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and was rated as the most trusted enterprise銆乤dvanced enterprise銆?integrity enterprise by consumers. With strong technical strength, high quality products and perfect service system, company has achieved rapid development. Up to now, our product have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as South Asia銆丯orth America銆丮iddle East銆丒urope etc. Domestic sales to more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions. The use effect of the product has been fully affirmed and praised by users. Shandong Yifa Trading Co., Ltd. has become a well-known enterprise in the min construction machinery industry. Shandong Yifa Trading Co., Ltd. will fully exert our own advantages, adhering to the "leading technology銆乻ervice market銆乭onesty銆乸ursue perfection" business purposes and "integrity, unity, dedication, striving" enterprise idea, continuously carry out technological innovation銆乪quipment innovation銆乻ervice innovation銆乵anagement innovation to continue to develop more products to meet the needs of the market. At the same time, we will also rely on our own technology and financial strength actively cooperate with domestic and foreign counterparts銆乽niversities銆乺esearch institutes, unremitting efforts to provide customers with better quality products and more professional services. Our Factory The factory was established in 2006, located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, has a convenient transportation network, beautiful factory environment, a variety of supporting facilities, was awarded few honorary titles by China Central Television: China's well-known brand, consumers the most trusted brand. Factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters. More than 400 staff, our R&D team has 50 senior engineer and technicians. Among all the staff, 20 staff have senior titles, 15 staff have deputy senior title, 15 staff have intermediate title, 35 staff have master's degree, professional, professional title, we have a relatively strong research and transformation strength. Company's products have obtained a number of patents, including: utility model patents, appearance patents and the overall model patents. We have more than 20 years technology and management experience, in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 standard implementation, and has obtained CQC certification銆?C certification銆乻pecial equipment manufacturing license銆乪lectric motorcycle level 1 production qualification, at the same time, the company also obtained AAA锛坬uality銆乻ervice銆?integrity锛塹ualification certificate by China Central Television. Welcome to visit our factory, to establish long-term strategic partnership, we sincerely, and with competitive prices, to provide you with customized services. We always move every customer with "the best quality, the best service". We hope to make our customers live a better life with high quality products and considerate service. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, negotiate and cooperate with us. We sincerely invite you to join us to create a better future! Our Product Mini excavator, loader銆乻kid steer loader銆乽nderground loader銆乪lectric small forklift銆乧ross-country forklift銆乪lectric forklift and other construction machinery and accessories. Product Application Shandong Yifa Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of small excavators, loaders, skid steer loader, electric mini loader, off road forklift, electric forklifts and other construction machinery and accessories. It is widely used in agricultural planting, landscaping, orchard ditching, earthwork, municipal engineering project, road repair, basement and indoor construction, concrete crushing, buried cable, pipeline laying, river silt removal, etc. Our Certificate ISO14001 and ISO9001 quality management system certification Trusted Enterprise銆丄dvanced Enterprise銆?Integrity Enterprise Alibaba Gold Verified Supplier Production Equipment The factory is equipped with more than 30 sets of large and medium-sized equipment, and has three standard productionworkshop. Each workshop has stamping production line, welding production line, paint coating production line, electrophoresis production line, assembly line and finished product detection line. The manufacturing process is strictly in accordance with the industrial standards. Production Market The domestic sales of our products basically cover all inland areas, and also are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as South Asia銆丯orth America銆丮iddle East銆丒urope etc. Our products have obtained CQC certification銆?C certification銆乻pecial equipment manufacturing license銆乪lectric motorcycle production qualification. At the same time, company has also been awarded AAA certificates by China Central Television. Our Service Pre sale: after the customer makes an inquiry to us, the customer will receive the reply from the professional immediately. Our service staff will introduce the products in detail and recommend the corresponding products according to the customer's needs. At the same time, the customer service staff will also introduce the use and maintenance methods to the customer, and communicate with the customer in details, so as to gain the customer's trust through meticulous experience. In sale: confirm every detail for customers, be strict and serious, and avoid mistakes. Protect the privacy of customers, communicate actively, deliver goods according to the agreed time, and avoid all things that damage the interests of customers. After sales: after the customer completes the order, there will be a regular return visit by professional personnel. During the warranty period, the parts can be replaced free of charge. We will provide technical support for the difficult problems encountered by customers.Mini Earthmoving Digger suppliers website:

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Red Light Therapy in stock

Description: Established in 2015, SGROW is one of leading manufacturer of professional manufacturer of LED therapy lights with mature R&D team and experienced engineers in China. SGROW's LED light therapy sells to 140+ countries such as US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Finland, Australia, Mexico, Japan etc. We have passed FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC etc. certificates, also passed factory verification by SGS. SGROW provide OEM and ODM services. Help our customers to build up their own Brand and to become more competitive in their market. Everyone care about health. And SGROW committed to developing more new techn-ologies to solve problems for personal health. We believe SGROW will bring health and beauty to more and more people. Our Factory Factory Size1,000-3,000 square meters Factory Country/Region4 Floor, Jinwanli Office Building, No. 11, 3rd Industrial Zone, Baihua Community, Guangming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China No. of Production LinesAbove 10 Contract ManufacturingOEM Service Offered Annual Output ValueUS$5 Million - US$10 Million Our Product LED therapy light Product Application For Home Use, Skin Lightning, Anti aging, Reduce wrinkles Our Certificate FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC Production Equipment Air Compressor, Digital Multimeter, Gluing Machine, Assembly Line, Aging Rack, Microcomputer Heating Platform Production Market North America, Europe, AustraliaRed Light Therapy in stock website:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021

China Chemical Dosing Metering Pump

Description: Special Performance 鈾?Easy for application and simple operation, simple installation. 鈾?Small size, low noise, accuracy control. 鈾?Measures more objectively and precisely, 0~100% adjustable flow range. 鈾?corrosion resistance 鈾?It is useful for clarification, waste water treatment, laboratory, and other little flow dosage. 2JT Duplex Heads Plunger Metering Pumps ModelFlow (L/h)Pressure (MPa)Plunger Diameter (mm)Route Range (mm)Reciprocation Frequency (rpm)Motor Power (KW)SizeWeight (Kg) DNDKdh1h2L 2JT-52/645264128090489565461891891250750 2JT-78/647864158090489565461891891250750 2JT-92/509250168090489565461891891250750 2JT-138/5013850208090489565461891891250750 2JT-152/4015240218090489565461891891250750 2JT-228/4022840268090489565461891891250750 2JT-240/32240322780905.51210585561891891250750 2JT-360/32360323380905.51210585561891891250750 2JT-392/25392253480905.51210585561891891250750 2JT-588/25588254280905.51210585561891891250750 2JT-610/20610204280905.51611585651941941300750 2JT-900/20900205280905.51611585651941941300750 2JT-1016/161016165580905.51611585651941941300750 2JT-1500/161500166780905.51611585651941941300750 2JT-1666/101666107080905.52612598752002001350750 2JT-2500/102500108680905.52612598752002001350750 2JT-2288/8228888280905.52612598752002001350750 2JT-3432/83432810180905.52612598752002001350750 2JT-3100/6.431006.49680905.53512598752002001350750 2JT-4650/4.046504.011780905.53512598752002001350750 2JT-4000/2.540002.510980905.53512598752002001350750 2JT-6000/1.660001.613380905.540145110852352351350750 2JT-9000/1.690001.616380905.540145110852352351350750 2JT-7320/1.073201.014780905.5801951601352702701350750 2JT-11000/1.0110001.018080905.5801951601352702701350750 2JT-15500/0.5155000.521480905.5801951601352702701350750 2JX Duplex Heads Plunger Metering Pumps ModelFlow (L/h)Pressure (MPa)Plunger Diameter (mm)Route Range (mm)Reciprocation Frequency (rpm)Motor Power (KW)SizeWeight (Kg) DNDKdh1h2L 2JX-8/258251022800.75890604116216376078 2JX-14/1614161322800.751690604116216376078 2JX-22/1022101622800.751290604116216378078 2JX-38/6.4386.42122800.751690604116216378078 2JX-62/4.0624.02722800.552090604116216378078 2JX-125/2.51252.53922800.552890604116216378078 2JX-250/1.62501.65522800.554095604616716778078 2JX-310/1.23101.26122800.753295604616716782078 2JX-390/1.03901.06922800.754095604616716782078 2JX-500/0.55000.57822800.754595604616716782078China Chemical Dosing Metering Pump website:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021

China flooded lead acid battery

Description: Embarked on a journey since 2014, Henan Senmart Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture established by 2 leading professional lead-acid battery manufacturers which are both enjoying a high reputation globally. Senmart is based in Zhengzhou,Henan Province -- the central part of China. Covering an area of 507,000 square meters, we now have over 590 employees, included 150 technicians, boasting an annual production 19 million batteries and sales figure exceeds $ 1.5 billions,and now exporting around 60% of our products world widely. Survival on the aggressive innovation,unique R&D capability, Senmart is becoming one of the largest and leading car battery manufacturers in Asia. Engaged in the production of lead-acid battery more than 6 years, Senmart has been equipped with advanced automatic production lines and piled up a wealth of experience, which lays a solid foundation for the commitment to the promotion and innovation of automotive battery. The corporation has devoted to the production of lead-acid battery with superior performance, high stability and strong reliability. At present, Senmart has developed into three brands which are responsible for different applications and requirements. With 200+ products which are mainly focus on automotive starter battery & start-stop battery, Senmart batteries are widely used in cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles and other applications. Company mission: Advocating Green Energy, Creating Better Human Life Company vision: To become the world-class battery manufacturer in the automotive battery industryChina flooded lead acid battery website:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021

bus passenger seat Manufacturer

Description: New style deluxe bus seat Application: used for deluxe bus  ,Kinglong  bus,Volvo coach etc Description: New style bus seats BW-1012 designed for 9~12 meters coach  ,with recliner armrest or hidden  armrest ,The seat  backrest adjustable 0°~20°,the seat belt ,seat cover can be changed ,the seat food board ,footrest is optional parts . Execution standard                                                    1. Strength of vehicle seat and its fixed parts 2. Vehilce adult passenger seat belt and restraint system 3. Vehicle safety belt installation fixed point 4. Combustion characteristics of vehicle interior materials 5. VOC---Smell test report     Function specifications 1. The fabric of seat is sewed by ECO leather and high grade automobile fabric 2. Adjustable for seat chair foot and side hanging. Can meet the request of Ⅱ, Ⅲand B grade bus of M2,M3 class 3. The back of seats can be adjusted 20 degrees without level; With lateral displacement function (transverse displacement 65MM) 4. The standard configuration of seat  include grey ABS backboard + gray double handle + gray reinforced book net 5. Pressing-down handrails 6 The seat belt can be optional with two-point ordinary, two-point rollable and three-point rollable                                                                                                     Material specification 1. Seat and back sponge: use high density flame retardant polyurethane imported .Add high - efficiency flame retardant element, cold solid, unibody, and high quality sponge.The fire resistance level can reach CA117, BS5852 and GB8410. When compression reaches 75%, the permanent deformation will be under 8%.(45-60)/M³, hardness 65±5, the density of seat back reaches (45-60)/M³ 2. Base frame, bracket, chair foot, back frame: Stamping, forming, welding, polishing, unoil, descaling and electrostatic spraying the quality carbon steel, which is durable and corrosion resistant 3 Pedestal: Injection molded by PP engineering plastic. 4. Cloth: Use high quality hemp fabrics special for vehicle seat, with strong penetration, , environmental protection wear-resisting, rich flexibility. Pass the national textile products quality supervision and inspection center inspection. Meet the national textiles related testing requirements. 5. The seats are 2+ 2.The extension is 2+1 layout                                               Expansion port for other accessories: 1. The seat reserved position for USB charging port, can meet different specifications from different USB manufacturers 2. The seat reserved position for installation of TV monitors (maximum 9inch monitor for 2+2 seat, maximum 11.2 inch for 2+1 seat) 3. The seat reserved position for installation of AR/VR viewing equipment and synchronous translation terminal system Cushion width: 450/480mm optional Model No.BW-1012Type Name:Deluxe passenger seats CoveringVinyl/FabricColoroptional Seat Width(mm)445Seat    Depth(mm)460 Seat Arrangement2+2 layoutPair    Dimension (mm)970(W)*445(D)*1142(H) Delivery    Time15 daysDelivery    TermBy sea or air freight Warranty18 monthMOQ5 pairs Loading PortShanghai    ,ChinaPayment    TermT/T    /Paypal or Western union Original MaterialMSSteel, mould foam ,vinyl leatherette or fabric cloth Standard  Adjustable backrest with folding    armrest ,back handle ,magazine net,leg support with wall hanging (confirm  before the order) Optional※ Genuine leather,aluminum    base frame                    ※ Footrest ,headrest    cover  ※ Side-sliding mechanism,    two or three points seat belt      ※ USB charging, LCD monitor NoticeInstalling    size can be done as customers request,including the distance and height  of leg support between with wall hanging Other products: Packing &shipping: Our  services: 1. OEM Manufacturing welcome: Product, Package... 2. Sample order 3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours. 4. after sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.bus passenger seat Manufacturer website:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021


Description: Product Introduction MaterialPVC/UPVC( unplasticized polyvinyl chloride ) Out Diameter20--250mm Wall thickness2.0-18.4mm StandardGB Applicationwater supply Joint endplain end / socket end Pipe wallsolid wall,solid spiral wall, hollow spiral wall Product Specification PVC Tee Size(De)Dimension(mm) D0D1D2dTH1HL 2024.8020.2419.9619.0017.0028.5040.9057.00 2530.1025.2424.9524.0019.5033.5048.5567.00 3237.5032.2531.9531.0023.0040.5059.2581.00 4046.4840.2839.9539.0027.0048.5071.7495.60 5057.3050.3349.9449.0032.0058.5087.15117.50 6370.5063.3462.9362.0038.5071.50106.75142.70 7584.0075.3574.9373.5044.5083.25125.25166.50 90100.6090.3889.9388.5052.0098.25148.55203.00 110120.80110.42109.92108.0062.00118.00178.40237.00 125136.80125.52124.93123.0069.50118.50186.90267.00 140153.50140.58139.88138.0077.00149.00225.75298.00 160175.00160.62159.87158.0087.00169.00256.50338.50 180202.60180.81179.91178.5097.00190.00291.30379.00 200219.00200.90199.85197.00107.00211.00320.50420.00 225246.00226.02224.83221.00119.50235.50358.50474.00 250272.00251.15249.41247.00132.00261.00397.00522.00 280314.80281.46280.16278.00147.00276.00433.40552.00 315344.50316.55315.05312.00165.00326.50498.75653.00 355385.80356.63355.03326.00183.50368.25561.15736.50 400433.70401.60400.00398.50208.00413.00629.85826.00 Product feature and application Features * Eco-friendly and Safer Use - Non-toxic, no heavy metal additives * Good service life * Impact Resistance * Wear Resistance * Low Temperature Resistance * Lower system and maintenance costs * Good Corrosion Resistance Application * House plumbing service. * Water mains * Water service lines. * lrrigatgion,swimming pool agriculture * Swimming pool, waster treatment. Connection method socketed adhesive connection Advantages (1) Good price , low installation cost (2) Light material , easy to installation , save time (3) Corrosion resistant , stability (4) The wall is bright and clean (5) No heat transfer (6) Non-conductive , inflaming retarding Production details Construction Method for UPVC/CPVC pipelines 1) Cutting:Power Saw and plastic tubing cutters can be used for pipe cutting.Cutting the pipes as squarely as possible to provide maximum bonding area. 2) Deburring:Burrs must be removed by pilers,filer and sandpaper on both inner side and outside of the cutting edge so that pipes and fittings are bond tightly. 3) Marking:Making marks on all pipes according to the length&depth of fitting parts.It ensures pipes completely bottomed into the fittings during assembly. 4) Solvent Coating:Bonding Surface should be softened by detergent,and then coat cement on both sides of bonding parts evenly. 5) Assembling:After coating cement,insert pipe into fitting socket while rotate the pipe a quarter turn.Pipe must bottom completely to the fitting stop.Hold the assembly for 10-15 seconds to ensure initial bonding(2 persons work together to bond pipes larger than 6'').Ahead of cement should be evident around the pipe and fitting juncture.If this bead is not continuous around the socket shoulder,it may indicate that insufficient cement was applied.If insufficient cement is applied,the joint must be cut out,discarded and begun again.Cement in excess of the bead can be wiped of with a rag. Product qualification Our Business Steps 1)Communication: Customers have interest in our products, discuss price, check samples' quality 2)Negotiation: Talking about the size, quantity and other details 3)Ordering: Settle down and offer order to us 4)Producing: After orders, we start producing at once 5)Packing: Once products come out of machines, they are packed 6)Delivery: After everything is ready, arrange the ship, send to dock to be shipped 7)Service:Offer Instruction of PVC pipes,and offer free one-year after-sales service . Deliver,shipping and serving Packing & Shipping 1.There are four basic modes of transportation for your reference. They are water transport, rail transport,truck transport and air transport . 1.Packing in the 7 plys carton box. 2.Packed with board or plywood outside for protection. Our service We provide best service regarding technical issues, product solutions, quality problems to every single customer, if any question, we are always available. FAQ Q: May I have a sample? A: Yes, it is our pleasure to send free samples for checking quality and just undertake thefreight by yourself. Q:What is the leading time for samples? A: Current sample need 1 day, customized samples need 5-7 days, Q:What express do you use to send the samples? A: We usually ship samples by DHL, TNT, FEDEX and UPS. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Q:What is the payment terms? A: Our usual payment term is T/T and L/C . Others could be negotiated. Q:How about the leading time of a container? A:Usually production time is 7 days. It will be decided by the order quantity.PVC Tee website:

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Toddler Swim Shorts 5t manufacturers

Description: Our Factory Hangzhou Scuba Garments Co., Ltd., specializing in the design and manufacture of swimsuits (especially beach shorts), is located alongside the beautiful West Lake and the great Qiantang River in Hangzhou, China. We cooperate with one of the well - known Italian men's and women's swimsuit manufacturers, and with the most brilliant inspiration by those Italian designers, we surely have the top - ranking fashions of swimsuits as well as shorts for beachwear. We emphasize development, and design thousands of new styles into the market every year. Every different style of our products is designed and tailored elaborately by designers in such factors as fashion trend, fabric technology, colors, patterns and styles. The exquisite products of our company can meet various requirements by our customers since we have highly - qualified employees, sophisticated facilities and advanced management systems. We firmly believe that our shorts are sure to be a hit with your clients. Customer - centered tenet is the consistent concept of our company. With the appreciation of our old and new customers both domestically and abroad, and the increase of orders, we shall enlarge our scale and try to be one of the world first - class and most specialized bases for designing and manufacturing swimsuits and beachwear. Moreover, we shall try to promote our brand image and make our products be the presentation of fashion and classic in the swimsuit world. Our Product Beach shorts, casual shorts, underwear pants锛宻urf shorts and so on Product Application Beach, holiday, casual,+surfing,swimming,sunbating, underwear in normal life Our Certificate Production Equipment Brother, SUZIKI鈥? Production Market European markets, South AmericaToddler Swim Shorts 5t manufacturers website:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021

cheap 500w Electric Scooter

Description: Yongkang Langtu Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of Intelligent Electric Scooter and Electric Skateboard. With well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force, we have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially North Americ, EU, Australia, Japan, Korea, South America, Middle East, ect. We guarantee stable and timely supply, credible quality and sincere service, and our products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets. We welcome OEM and ODM orders. Whether selecting current products from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can talk to our customer service center about your sourcing requirement. We will release new product every six months to meet the latest market trends. Our products conform to international standards, such as CE, RosH and so on. To benefit from our strong OEM/ODM capabilities and considerate services, contact us today. We will sincerely create and share success with all clients. cheap 500w Electric Scooter website: website2:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021

Plastic Injection Mold suppliers

Description: It is natural for children to like to play in the water. Our baby bathtub can improve the happiness of playing in the water. It has a high level of safety. The design is very cute and the colors can be matched in many ways. Children will love it. Product details Mould capacity锛歮ould design锛宒rawing and manufacturing can be done according to 2D drawing, 3D drawing or solid sampie. Dear, nice to meet you, we will provide you with mold quotation and service. Our advantage in injection mold Have perfect mold design and mold making standards Strict quality control, long service life and complete equipment銆?/p> Machining precision:EDM precision 0.001mm ,Wire EDM precision 0.001mm CNC Precision 0.002mm , Grinding machine precision 0.001mm. In line with the principle of quality first, Sucheng Mould has produced various moulds and plastic products for many years, and has powerful all-day processing equipment. After so many years of continuous technical updates, continuous improvement of management, and development into a powerful enterprise with modern management concepts and modern production models. We are a company with strong strength, reasonable price, excellent service and established long-term cooperative relationship with many enterprises. Sucheng Mould adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead", and factories with the intention of cooperation are welcome to visit or send product drawings for further inquiries. We will win you with our professionalism, excellent quality and sincere service attitude The trust and continued support of the company will move towards a win-win situation.Plastic Injection Mold suppliers website:

Date de publication: 30-03-2021

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