Banquet Chairs

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Banquet Chairs

Banquet style chairs YH-50801
Captivating with clean lines and modern appeal, the Huihong side chair is your new favorite seat at the party during dinner or cocktail hour. Complete with a generously padded seat, this chair provides style and comfort.
About this item
銆怌old Cured Foam銆慤nsurpassed comfort &durability. Foam repelswater & other liquids from being absorbed into thecushion.
銆怋eautiful borwn-wash finish銆慣he durable solid wood legs are finished in a borwn-wash dark brown color to match the style.
銆怐esigner Fabrics銆慍hoose from a wide variety of todays popular colors and patterns for your project.
銆怣ATERIALS銆?On a set of dark walnut-legs, the chair鈥檚 linen-like fabrics are easy to maintain and spot-clean.
銆怓UNCTION銆?Customarily used as a dining chair, this model also can be showcased in any bedroom, entryway or living room.
Basic Info
Cushionfabric upholstery optional with molded foam
Supply ability10000-20000 each month
CertificateCEC, SGS, ISO9001-ISO14001
Delivery timeWithin 4 weeks upon receiving a 30% deposit of L/C or T/T
Shipping PlaceChengdu, Sichuan
Banquet style chairs size
The functional advantage you need.
With proven excellence in product quality and durability, as well as price and value. Auditorium Seating from Chengdu Huihong is specifically designed for the worship market and offers:
鈥?Unparalleled comfort
鈥?Remarkable quiet operation
鈥?Lowest lifetime ownership cost
鈥?Quality and craftsmanship
About us
With over 20 years of experience, we have our production techniques down to a science. From product inspection to packaging, we take great measures to ensure your item arrives at your door in pristine condition.
Our Guarantee
We deliver what we promise 鈥?it's kind of our thing!
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