Truck Wash Machine cost

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Truck Wash Machine cost

Truck washing machine - heavy vehicle washing machine

Moved high pressure truck washing machine( high pressure water pipes +2 brushes washing )
Model: HZ-B300LE
Backed by profound experience of our experts, we are an unparalleled name engaged in providing a high-quality assortment of Truck Washing System.
Features And Advantages:
Robustly built
Superior functionality
High performance

Main Technical Parameters:
1) Machine size: 2200x4700x5200 mm (L x W x H)
2) Cleaning bus(truck) maximum size: 14000x2600x4300mm (L x W x H)
3) The length of the guide rail: 20m
4) The average water consumption: 300-550Lvehicle
5) Cleaning time: 8-10min/bus(truck)(6-8bus(truck)s/hour)
6) Total installed capacity: 60kw(two pump motors)+24kw(dryer)
7) Voltage: 380V/50Hz, 3PH 4wires
8) The machine net weight: 4500kg

Structure Draw 3 of Side Brushes
1鈥擜djusting screw 2鈥擳rack 3鈥擠olly of side brush 4鈥擲peed down machine 5鈥擲ide brush 6鈥擟onnection board 7鈥擴niversal joint 8鈥擲peed down machine
9鈥擝uffer block 10鈥擟hain 11鈥擱oller 12鈥擳ension pulley

Structure Draw 5 of Traveling System
1-Roller axle bracket 2鈥擱oller axle 3鈥擠riven roller 4鈥擝asement 5鈥擠riving roller 6鈥擟hain wheel 7鈥擟hain wheel 8鈥擲peed down machine 9鈥擜djusting sole-plate
10鈥擝racket of speed down machine

Product Features:
1. The machine has five automatic functions:
1) The traction system of automatic walking, automatic return, automatic stop control system;
2) Two sides brush automatic opening and contraction, positive and negative automatic switching control system;
3) The sprinkler system automatic spraying high pressure water and cleaning liquid(two times);
4) Fault alarm, automatic shutdown control system.
2. The machine chooses double combination with two brushes and high pressure water automatic washing form.
3. The electric control system uses the high performance frequency conversion speed regulator, the programmable controller to the equipment operation condition, the craft parameter carries on the on-line detection and the control, has realized the machine, the electricity, the instrument integration control.
4. The main parts of the machine selection of domestic famous products, the key components of international imports, to ensure the performance and reliability of the whole machine.
Honzo Wash Systems is a distinguished manufacturer of a wide range of Car Wash Machine, Water Treatment Plant, Vehicle Washing System, Bottle Washing Machine, Tunnel Truck Wash System, Tyre Washing System, Milk Can Scrubber Machine, Wheel Aligner, Robotic Car Wash, etc.

Truck Wash Machine cost

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