Mini Excavator And Trailer

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Mini Excavator And Trailer

Company Profile:
Our brand is Okite; we mainly manufacture engineering machinery.
Our engineering machinery had been exported to more than 130 countries. We have got the SGS certificates. Our engineering machinery was known well by lots overseas customers, which is the easiest way for customers to know us and trust our quality. In the overseas market, We have sample projects in many countries, and our team could help customers solve any problems timely. Overseas warehouses make it convenient for the customer to get any spare part they need.
Company Advantage:
As a particular Authorized dealer, we could help customers do a detailed marketing analysis according to your market plan and investment plan and provide you with the most cost-effective project solution. From the project selection, project research, marketing, we have rich experience in helping the customer do the analysis. We could help solve customers' concerns about the machine's stability; no after sales service issues. Our professional engineer team will provide guidance on the machine running to guarantee it could start successfully.
We have more than 30 years' experience in engineering machinery. In this field, we specialize in developing and marketing. Our Research & development team keeps developing the new product according to customers' feedback.
Our brand can be trusted, our professional will not let you down.
Main Products:
Excavators锛沇heel Loaders锛汳otor Graders锛汻oad Rollers锛汱andfill Compactors锛汢ulldozers锛汳ining Truck锛汼pare Parts锛汸ipelayers.
Production Market:
Company Contact锛?/strong>
Tel(Fax):+86 539 8191393
Mobile:+86 182 5397 7770
Email: [email protected]
News Center:
With the boat total "Ji", "river" anti-epidemic
Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes. In the face of the increasingly severe epidemic situation in Hebei Province, on January 18, Shantui equipment and nearly 100 other equipment entered the construction site of the Nangong emergency isolation site in Xingtai, Hebei Province. Full speed, race against time, start the construction of the second phase isolation point.
The construction site machinery roar, the command center high-speed operation, hundreds of machinery and equipment and nearly a thousand construction personnel, on the site to reproduce the Vulcan Mountain, Thor Mountain fighting grand occasion. SD16T-3 bulldozer is sent to the anti-epidemic front by Shantui this time. As the "star" of Shantui bulldozer family, it has high technology content, strong power, high production efficiency and easy operation. It is especially good at pushing and transporting the ground, backfilling earth and stone and other bulk material operations, and can quickly level the land and ground. The investment of this type of equipment has won valuable time for the subsequent construction work.
It is understood that on January 16, the first batch of 1,500 sets of isolation houses in Xingtai South Palace have been completed and put into use. The second phase of the Nangong isolation site plans to build 4,000 units, will be divided into two areas to build, is expected to be completed within a week. In the face of the epidemic, Shantui bears the brunt. In the future, there will be more Shantui equipment ready to support the front-line construction and ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.
With the boat total "Ji", a total of "stone" difficult
On January 13, China Railway 14th Bureau Group Hutuo River Ecological Restoration Phase III Project Department was informed to participate in the construction of Shijiazhuang centralized isolated point, the construction site is located in Zhufutun Town Guying Village, Wenzheng Street, Zhengding County, covering an area of about 500 mu. The participating units quickly used hundreds of equipment, such as bulldozers, graders, excavators and cranes, and put them into the intensive construction.
The SD16 bulldozer, SG18-3 grader and other equipment of ShanTui have played a positive role in the construction of the isolation point in Shijiazhuang. 500 mu of wasteland, overnight, the slope bulldozed, weeds cleared. Shijiazhuang epidemic prevention and control of the construction of a centralized isolation point, again run out of China's speed.
In the construction site, every hour is experiencing tremendous changes. Even on cold nights, the construction site is still brightly lit. The construction of the isolation point took a long time, and the construction was intense. The mountain pushing equipment always served at the front line of the epidemic.Mini Excavator And Trailer

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