low price Hospital Bed

Posté par amorourt sur 16-03-2021
low price Hospital Bed

1.  Electric bed with I.V. Pole, powder coated steel frame
2.  The removable headboards are made of ABS plastic
3.  Integrated stamping Bed-Tops and frame are steel made with epoxy polyester powder coated & baked finish, resistant to chipping and scratching
4.  6-stuff aluminum alloy guardrail protect patient even back and keen rest have been raised
5.  Mounted on four 125mm diameter with brake
6.  The back panel can be lifted up from 0掳 to 80掳 (卤5掳), the foot panel can be lifted up from 0掳 to 45掳 (卤5掳), height adjustment 250mm, trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg 12掳, 2120*980*500-750mm
7.  Matched with I.V. Pole
8.  2, 3, 5 functions for your choice
2 Function: Back-rest lifting, Leg-rest lifting;
3 Function: Back-rest lifting, Leg-rest lifting, Height adjustment;
5 Function: Back-rest lifting, Leg-rest lifting, Height adjustment, Trendelenburg and Reversed Trendelenburg. low price Hospital Bed

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