China M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade manufacturers

Posté par amorourt sur 16-03-2021
China M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade manufacturers

1.Introduce for bimetal band saw blade
Bimetal band saw blade is welded by an electron beam under high vacuum to attach a strip of high-speed M42(8% Co) tooth. The variable pitch design combines regular teeth of different pitches, gullet depths, and set angles for improved cutting and durability.Primarily used for cutting steel, this superior blade can also be used on nonferrous materials, handle solid and interrupt cutting(such as tubing), and provide lower cost per cut on the toughest sawing jobs.
Product Name : Bimetal Band Saw Blade
Material : M42,M51,alloy steel etc.
Width*Thickness : 13mm*0.6mm, 13*0.9mm,20mm*0.9mm, 27mm*0.9mm, 34mm*1.1mm,41*1.1mm, 41mm*1.3mm, 54mm*1.6mm, 67mm*1.6mm,80*1.6mm
Length customized as your request or by coils
Max length: 500 thousand meters
Usage: Metal Cutting
2.TeethChina M51 Bimetal Band Saw Blade manufacturers

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