Single Layer Stainless Steel Water Bottle Made in China

Posté par dadgerek sur 23-03-2021
Single Layer Stainless Steel Water Bottle Made in China

鈼?All steel cap! Single layer wall stainless steel sports water bottle.,no heat preservation function. Slim and light bottle body, you can easy carry it everywhere. Available in 4 sizes: 350ml/ 600ml/ 800ml/ 1200ml suitable for any occasions and all ages!
350ml/12oz, height 170mm diameter 70mm weight 114g
600ml/20oz, height 260mm diameter 74mm weight 360g
800ml/27oz, height 280mm diameter 70mm weight 175g
1200ml/40oz, height 280mm diameter 92mm weight 230g
鈼?(1.9 in) The mouth of the bottle is big enough for you to add ice cubes or fruit to your water and drinks. The stylish cap comes with a flexible handle to make it easy to carry with you throughout your day. which provides a robust build for any occasion whether it be hiking, cycling, camping, gym or just to the office. Also as a delicate gift for your friends, families, workmate.
鈼?It is made of 304(18/8) stainless steel.The water bottle comes without any paint to ensure scratch resistance and durability. this stainless steel water bottle is designed to last a lifetime. Say no to plastic water bottles and plastic pollution! The water bottle is a safe option for you and the environment.
鈼?The bottle and cap are made from BPA free materials and food grade steel. It's free of toxins and safe for you to use and drink from. We recommend 80c max and advise to open with care when using hot water.
鈼?Handwash only. Caution: Do Not use boiling water. Please do not use dishwasher for ALL STEEL caps. To clean use a damp cloth, do not submerge.Single Layer Stainless Steel Water Bottle Made in China

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