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DESCRIPTION The Intumescent strip is a graphite-based intumescent fire seal encapsulated in a rigid thermoplastic profile. It has been designed for use in fire resisting door assemblies to seal the gap between leaf and frame, or between separate leaves, in the event of a fire. When subjected to the heat of a fire the intumescent core material expands to fill any gap between the door leaf and frame. This forming of a robust char barrier will hold up the passage of hot gases and smoke as well as the flames. The Intumescent strip are suitable for use on fire resisting door assemblies manufactured from timber, or timber doors with steel frames. They are unaffected by atmospheric moisture and therefore do not require any further protection. Application Fire Resisting Timber or Steel Doorset Fire resistance period 30 to 90 minutes Insulation/Integrity Integrity and insulation Test standard EN 1634-1:2014 +A1:2018 FURNACE TEMPERATURE / TIME CURVE BENEFITS PACKAGING INFORMATION Profile dimensions [mm] Pack contents [Pc/Ctn] 10x4x2200 250 15x4x2200 175 20x4x2200 125 25x4x2200 110 30x4x2200 75 鈥?EN 1634-1:2014 & UL 10C 鈥?Easy to cut 鈥?Protects against fire 鈥?nbsp;Unaffected by moisture, humidity,atmospheric pollution and other common industrial and household chemical substance. 鈥?Supplied with a Self-adhesive backing for easy of application FIELD OF APPLICATION 鈥?nbsp;Sutiable for latched single and double door 鈥?nbsp;Sutiable for unlacted single and double door 鈥?nbsp;Rebates in door frame or door leaf FITTING INSTRUCTION 鈥?nbsp; Intumescent seals needs to be located centrally in either door leaf or frame. 鈥?nbsp;Rout a groove suitable for the size of intumescent seal selected. Clean the rebate to remove any dust. 鈥?nbsp;Measure and cut seal to length using a hacksaw. Remove self-adhesive backing and butt joint fit all seals to inside and outside of door frame or door, and meeting stiles of pairs of doors where applicable. Pressure must be applied to activate adhesive backing. Remove the self-adhesive backing liner from the product and push fit into the routed groove. COLOR CHART Intumescent strip standard range of colors are shown below: (White, Brown, Dark Brown, Silver, Grey, Black, Red) Profile dimensions [mm] Colors 10x4x2200 15x4x2200 20x4x2200 25x4x2200 30x4x2200 We are also able to manufacture seals to any RAL colors CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: The element rapid high-pressure forming multi-directional expandable graphite. OUTER CONTAINER: PVC-u outer casing, which has a proven performance in terms of durability, along with a high performance acrylic adhesive to aid installation. Testing Intumesc ent Fire And Smoke Seal price website:

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La-Ce Metal

Posté par ttyu0426 sur 27-04-2021
La-Ce Metal

Our History
The company was established on November 2017 and put into production on October 2019.
Our Factory
The total investment of the project is 235 million yuan, of which the total investment in fixed assets and other construction is 150 million yuan, and the current capital is 85 million yuan. The project covers an area of 136 acres and is located at No. 8, Niutao Road, Small and Medium Enterprise Park, Shihu Township, Donghai County, Lianyungang City.
Product Application
Used in the production of glass, ceramics, permanent magnet materials, laser materials, memory elements, catalysts, nuclear reactor structural materials, screen materials, control materials, etc.
Our Certificate
鈶?A method and device for preparing cerium-based rare earth polishing powder by spray thermal decomposition
鈶?Method for preparing cerium oxide powder
鈶?Preparation of Rare Earth Oxide or Composite Oxide with Large Specific Surface Area by Spray Pyrolysis
鈶?Method for preparing trivalent rare earth oxide by high temperature decomposition
鈶?Method for recovering oxalic acid from rare earth industrial wastewater
Production Equipment
Production line-acid dissolution, extraction, precipitation, burning.
Production Market
Southeast Asia, East Asia, Europe and America, etc.
Our Service
Pre-sales: Introduce product specifications, uses, and precautions to customers in detail; provide professional technical consulting services; provide various convenient conditions such as inspections and loans.
On sale: Assist the buyer to execute the contract, pay close attention to the production process, check the quality, and strive to complete the delivery in the shortest time; provide the buyer with the contract-related materials in time.
After-sales service: Communicate with the customer in time about the arrival situation; ask the customer whether the product is qualified or not; introduce the precautions in the use process in detail.La-Ce Metal

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