Duplexer for sale

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Duplexer for sale

鈻?Duplexer is a three-port radio frequency device designed to split the antenna's transceiver signal into two different signal paths, depending on its direction.Duplexer can realize true single antenna two-way communication because the receiving and receiving signal can have the same operating frequency.Duplexer, for example, can be used for radar systems that use the same antenna but need to isolate the high-power transmitter signal from the sensitive receiver circuit.
鈼?More than 50~100 dB Isolation,
鈼?excellent de-coupling performance
鈼?High Average Power,Minimal Insertion Loss,
鈼?Superior Intermodulation Properties Prevent,
鈼?DIN Connectors, Custom Designs Available,
Part number
Pass band(MHz)
RX Band
TX Band1920-1980
Band Width (MHz)60/60
Insertion Loss (dB)鈮?.5
Ripple in-band (dB)鈮?.3
Isolation (dB)鈮?0
Average Power (W)500
Return Loss (dB)鈮?0
Impedance (惟)50
Temperature (鈩?-40 to +60
About us
Hangzhou CNCR-IT CO.,LTD. (STOCK CODE 300250) was established in Dec, 1999. Always working on creating a simple, efficient and easy information access solution to the customers. The company's main business is the design of information access solution, R&D, production and sales of the corresponding equipments. The main products sold in the overseas market are divided into four categories: EOC, Mesh Router, SD-WAN, Microwave Passive Components. In domestic market, customers are mainly concentrated in China mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Radio and television, Government and enterprises, etc.
Application Scenarios
Company ProfileDuplexer for sale

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