Auto Ac Hose Fittting

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Auto Ac Hose Fittting

Our History
Our Factory
Founded in 2002. SuZhou New TongChuang Auto Air-Conditioner Co.,LTD Abbreviated NTCAC. Follow with HIGER bus, set production line with 20,000 production capacity in SuZhou,China. NTCAC has committed to research, development, manufacturing and marketing in the automotive industry. NTCAC is a automobile air conditioning solution provider and can supply 4-18 meters bus/E-bus/Van/Light bus and included articulated bus, double-decker bus and air conditioning parts.
Our Product
Electric bus air conditioning, Diesel bus air conditioning, Light bus air conditioning, double-decker bus air conditioning, Battery Thermal Management System, Defroster, Accessory.
Product Application
Bus/E-bus/coach/Van/Light bus/sprinter/articulated bus/double-decker bus.
Our Certificate
Production Market
Our international market has spread to more than 20 countries in south American, Middle east, southeast Asia ETC.
Include: In 2006, export 500 units to Qatar. In 2020, received the 1815 units from Qatar.
Our Service
鈼?Service directions.
1.This warranty is available for users to purchase NTCAC products.
2.All the air conditioner delivered by NTCAC will be of new manufacture and is in accordance with the technical specifications data provided by users.
3.The warranty period covers 13 months from the date of delivery time. (Subject to final contract between NTCAC and customers).
4.For NTCAC five star customers, direct service is the features. Others will authorize the local dealer to maintain. Provide free air conditioning training, include: installation, repair, maintenance.
5.Parts that are normally damaged during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge after investigation and evidence collection by the quality department of NTCAC. Shipping and labor costs are not included.
6.The bus air conditioners should be installed by professional engineers, NTCAC warrants only include the product but not its installations.
7.The warranty does not cover any accessories external to the system.
8.The NTCAC liability does not cover defects which are due to errors or omissions on documentation, materials or work which has been supplied or performed by the customer.
9.NTCAC obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or providing spare parts, which are found to be detective.
10.Service does not include repair of failures caused by: misuse, negligence, accident, modification, improper maintenance by the customer, damages due to causes beyond the control of NTCAC such as thunder, abnormal voltage, acts of God, etc.
11. Standard 13 months warranty can be extended at customer request at a price or special terms which is agreed by both parties.
R & D Strength
Technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. The NTCAC has a domestic leading-level automotive air conditioning performance laboratory, and is the first air-conditioning company in East China to obtain the (CNAS) nationally recognized laboratory certificate. And has a variety of equipment to detect products, which provides a solid guarantee for product developing.
Comprehensive Test
- Climatic Wind Tunnel , Air Condition Calorimeter(Janpan), Auto Vibration Test Bench
- Burst Test Bench, Corrosion Test, Cleaness TestAuto Ac Hose Fittting

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