aluminum melting pot factory

Posté par sin64bm sur 23-04-2021
aluminum melting pot factory

Henan MTL Metallurgy Materials Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of heat treatment furnace and melting furnace. We are specialized in furnace designing, developing, manufacturing and after sales services. Supply a full range of heat treatment equipment, melting equipment, auxiliary equipment and accessories. Including pit type furnace, trolley type furnace, box type furnace, glow plasma nitriding furnace, wire annealing furnace, nature gas furnace, roller hearth furnace, mesh belt furnace, pusher type furnace.
Management Mission
Providing customers most advanced and best value total solutions for heat treatment.
Innovating on science and technology, creating attractive work environment, focusing on market needs. Producing quality and best value products.
Developing by innovation, survival upon quality, in good faith to customer.aluminum melting pot factory

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