one touch glucose meter factory

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one touch glucose meter factory

The company was registered and established in Zhengzhou in 2015 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan.
Zhengzhou Xinde Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Building B1-1, Taiwan Science and Technology Park, Xingang Avenue, Zhengzhou Airport Area.
鈼哋ur Product
It owns a variety of medical equipment products including blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips, blood pressure monitors, and infrared forehead thermometers, which provide strong protection for the health of the people
鈼哖roduct Application
It is mainly engaged in the research and development of home medical products, blood glucose meters and blood glucose test strips (current analysis and measurement of blood glucose based on glucose dehydrogenase, HCT specific blood volume detection range of 0%-70%).
鈼哋ur Certificate
Our company has one self-invention patent, 16 utility patents. We has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 system audit, and our products got ISO, CE, SGS, BV certificates.
鈼哖roduction Equipment
the workshop environment has established 100,000-level purification workshop, 10,000-level inspection and laboratory in strict accordance with YY_0033-2000 aseptic medical appliance production management standard. Besides, we have the most advanced blood glucose strips full-automatic printing machines, Compared with most semi-automatic printing test strips on the market, the quality standards are higher and the measurement results are more accurate. our glucose meter technology world-leading.
鈼哖roduction Market
Our products have been exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, India and other countries and regions, with 12 offices in Henan, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The sales cooperation customers have covered 32 domestic top-three hospitals, and signed long-term cooperation agreements with pharmaceutical sales companies such as Dashenlin Pharmacy and Sinopharm Pharmacy. The E-commerce Division has also achieved good operation of online sales such as Jingdong and Taobao. The company will rely on our own R&D Center to lead the upgrading of world-class blood glucose meters and blood glucose test paper products.
鈼哋ur Service
Ten-year warranty, lifetime after-sale service. Zhengzhou Xinde Medical Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the industry concept of "quality first, excellent service", increases scientific and technological innovation, takes advanced technology as the core, and aims at the precision, accuracy and Excellence of products, and strives to build a high-quality medical device brand with "health guard" as the touch glucose meter factory

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