Earbud With Charging Case manufacturers

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Earbud With Charging Case manufacturers

Noise Reduction HIFI Earbud Top True Wireless
1. Intelligent noise reduction
2. 300mAh Powerful battery life
3. Bletooth 5.0 chip Signal stability
4. HIFI sound quality
5. IPX5 waterproof
6. Automatic pairing
7. Magnetic iron box for easy charging
8. LED digital display
What's the difference between normal headphones and noise reduction headphones?
Let's start with the conclusion: noise reduction is a necessary condition for keeping sense and hearing intact
Sound is caused by the vibration of sound source, which is transmitted to the human ear through air or other media, and produces hearing in the human ear.
Noise is inevitable in our daily life. At the same time, with the development of industry and technology, more and more noise comes into our daily life.
Noise itself is meaningless and has interference, so it is necessary to reduce noise.
This kind of noise control is usually realized by using signal processing. Through the design of adaptive algorithm to analyze the waveform of background noise, and then generate the signal to be phase shifted based on a specific algorithm. Then, the inverse signal is amplified to form a sound wave whose amplitude is close to that of the original waveform, so as to produce cancellation interference. This effectively reduces the noise. This effect is called destructive interaction.
Noise reduction is necessary to keep sense and hearing intact. Whether it is in crowded areas, or in front of the desk, or in frequent commuting, noise elimination is very necessary.
We can improve the efficiency when we focus on the immediate affairs.
When we use earphones with noise reduction function to listen to music, we don't need extra volume to offset the noise of the environment, so as to avoid the impact damage of long-time high volume on the eardrum, so as to effectively protect the hearing.
From the perspective of active noise reduction. The frequency band that can be heard by the human ear ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz, and the current active noise cancellation technology is most suitable for frequencies below 500 Hz, and is only effective up to about 1000 Hz. The current ANC technology is unable to deal with more than 1000Hz sound, engine noise and traffic noise are mostly lower than 500Hz, so the active noise reduction (ANC) can greatly reduce this kind of low-frequency noise.
In fact, the reduction of high-frequency noise can not rely on the active noise reduction function, because the effect of traditional passive noise reduction method for medium and high-frequency noise is also very good, which depends more on the overall structure design of the headset. A well-designed earplug or ear muff can reduce the high-frequency noise.
If we don't wear noise reduction earphones, excessive noise stimulation may damage or even kill the hearing hair cells in our ears. Hearing cells are fragile. At present, it is impossible to regenerate human ear hair cells.
Hearing loss is an irreversible process. If you want to protect your ears and hearing, please choose a headset with excellent active noise reduction function.Earbud With Charging Case manufacturers

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